Review of “Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine” By Zenas Bicket

Introduction to Pentecostal DoctrineIntroduction to Pentecostal Doctrine by Zenas Bicket
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book, but I could only give it three stars because there was so much that I disagreed with. Much of the book is based on an individual interpretation of scripture that I found lacking in scholarship. Of course, I have no doubt that others would give this book very high marks because they agreed with most, if not all, of what Bicket says.

For me, the one thing that I had no quarrels with the discussion of salvation. I am in complete agreement with Zenas Bicket in this particular area. On the rest of the book, I found myself do massive highlights and making abundant notes discussing my own views of what Bicket had to say. I will admit, however, that there are large sections of the book that have neither highlights nor notes written about it. In these cases, I just read and absorbed and decided to make no judgments one way or the other until I had time to study the issue more.

Even though I only gave it three stars, I can recommend this book as a good primer on Pentecostal doctrine, especially within the Assemblies of God Church. Just because I found myself in disagreement with much of it does not mean that I am always right. During my study I did come across one issue where I was led to change my mind because of the presentation of irrefutable scripture on the subject. Admittedly, it was not from this book that I was led to the discovery of the error of my own views, but the topic was covered in the last chapter of the book.

Perhaps after more study on the issues raised in the reading of this book I will be compelled to come back and raise the rating to higher than three stars, but not right now.

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