4 Ways to Survive a Monstrous Halloween Encounter

Here is a short, fun read on how to deal with vampires should you run across one this Halloween! There is also a cute Kung Fu bear video that is unbelievable.

Archer's Aim

Vampire BiteHalloween can be a tough time of year with all the monsters, ghouls and goblins out. How do you survive an encounter with one of these creatures of the night? Here are a few tips to handle yourself so you can survive the night and live to tell about it. Let’s tackle one of the common denizens of the night – Vampires.

1. This is admittedly gross, but save some blood from chicken or other meat and carry it in a well-sealed sandwich bag. Why? Well, vampires are out for blood – literally – and since they’ve been taking a dirt-nap for who knows how long they can be rather “hangry”. Offer them a little “harmless” snack and you may get to the next tip…

2. Since vampires are not mindless, once you get past that “hangry” edge you can start talking. Many of these vampires have been around the…

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