Review of “Fugitives from Northwoods” by Chris Bostic and Narrated by Eddie Frierson

Fugitives of Northwoods
Overall 4 Stars
Performance 4 Stars
Story 4 Stars
“An excellent YA novel! Can’t wait 4 the next book!”

Ben, Seswee and the crew have been prisoners of the work camp in what used to be the United States for several years. Finally sick to death of the oppression that they live with every day, the crew of eight prisoners decide to make a break for it and try to find freedom in the Albertan Federation to the north.

This is an excellent first book in this series intended for young adults. Chris Bostic does a wonderful job of creating his characters and the dystopian world of the near future.

The banks have collapsed, the economy is in ruins and the government officials have siezed absolute power turning what was once the United States of America into a state where marshall law rules and the power of the government over the people is absolute.

When Ben and Seswee and their small escape from the forced labor camp the government will stop at nothing to recapture them or kill them in the attempt. The bottom line is they want them back so that they can be made examples of.

The book is almost entirely about what this small group of fugitives goes through in their attempt to reach an outpost that they have heard rumors about that is supposed to exist on the other side of the border in Federation territory.

Eddie Frierson does a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life and giving them a voice.

I will listen to the rest of the series as it becomes available and I strongly urge all others who like believable storytelling to do the same.

I received this audiobook from the author via the Goodreads Audiobooks Group in exchange for an honest review.


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