Review of “Number of the Beast: Paladin Cycle Book 1” by Max Redford and Lita Stone and Narrated by Ian Murray

Number of the Beast - Paladin Cycle Book 1

“Don’t mind cliff hangars but I do like SOME closure”
What did you like best about Number of the Beast? What did you like least?

I liked the fact that this book crosses into several different genres so there is something for just about everyone, but I didn’t like the fact that not only was there no closure for any part of the story line, but the author uses the epilogue to open up a new twist that has no resolution. The story kind of drags in places, but then in others there is quite a lot of action.

There are a couple of really good fight scenes so I did enjoy that.

Would you be willing to try another book from Max Redford and Lita Stone ? Why or why not?

I don’t really know. For the time being I would not try another book simply because the sequel is not available as an audio book. If I were reading a physical book or an ebook I don’t really think I would persist through it if it was like this one. It would most likely end up in my small, rarely used DNF list. As an audio book I believe I would finish it eventually.

What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

Ian Murray did have some good voices for the characters including the godlike Isaac. His voices are all distinctive and his female voices are all very believable. However, I felt like the narrator was a good part of the reason that the book dragged so much. I realize the book is set in a small Texas town, but that doesn’t mean Mr Murray can’t pick up the pace of his narration.

Could you see Number of the Beast being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

I don’t really see this book as movie or TV series material. I certain would not watch it if it were turned into a movie or TV show.

Any additional comments?

Perhaps it is because this book crosses so many genres that I had a difficult time with it. As I said above, I don’t really think it would have been any better for me if I had been reading a physical book. If I had been I probably would not have finished it. It certainly would have scored higher for me if there had been at least SOME kind of closure before the cliff hangars. Even a first novel in a series should have some feeling of finality in it. Of course, this tends to happen a lot in book series which is one of the reasons I don’t buy books in a series unless there are at least two, and preferably three, books available at the time of purchase.

I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair review!


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