Review of “Claimed by the Enemy” by Shauna Roberts and Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Claimed by the Enemy

Overall 4 Stars

Performance 4 Stars

Story 4 Stars

“Another fine story set in ancient Mesopotamia”

Unlike the other book by Shauna Roberts that I reviewed, this one is little different. In this story the male MC, who’s name I cannot spell just like the female MC, has been infatuated with the female MC since he first saw her as a little boy. Sad part is that she didn’t even know he existed until he killed her husband in a battle that takes place outside the pages of this book. Now that she does know about him, she is certainly not in love with him and keeps trying to put off his proposals of marriage for as long as she can.

She is a princess of Sumer. He is the newly appointed governor of the territory that his army has just conquered. He has just delivered her third child, the son of her now deceased husband. How will he ever convince her to marry him. He vows to never give up and wait as long as it takes. In the meantime, he has vowed to watch over her and her children and let no one harm them.

I don’t think it is a spoiler to say she eventually falls in love with him and agrees to marry him, since it is afterall a love story. But WOW what she puts him through before she ever gets to that point. You have got to listen to this story. Shauna Roberts does a fine job of weaving a tale of love and betrayal set in era that she know quite a lot about since she has a Phd and has taught courses in ancient Mesopotamia at the college level.

You can’t help but care about the two MCs and want for both of them to get exactly what they want.

Hollie Jackson is a wonderful narrator and has a beautiful voice. Her voices for the male characters are as believable as those of the female ones, and they are varied enough that the listener has no trouble telling who is speaking.

If you like a good romance novel that is not too sappy, then Claimed by the Enemy is the right book for you.

I would love to say more but I have no idea how to spell the names of the people and places. This is one of those books where having the ebook or paperback edition would come in handy.

I received this book from the author via Goodread Audiobooks group in exhange for an honest review.


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Not much to tell. I am married and have a daughter and a grandson. I am an aspiring writer. I am a devout Pentecostal. I love football, NHRA professional drag racing, baseball and sometimes hockey. I sing and play guitar and write songs.
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6 Responses to Review of “Claimed by the Enemy” by Shauna Roberts and Narrated by Hollie Jackson

  1. This looks like an interesting book. I should read it sometime.

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  2. libbycole007 says:

    I love those books that really take you to an era the author’s taken the time to learn about. Makes all the difference!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree! I feel like I get more out of a book when the author really knows their subject and takes the time to put that knowledge into their writing. It is certainly more enjoyable when they do.

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  3. nrlymrtl says:

    I really enjoyed this book as well. I especially loved how the time and place was woven into the romance story. Is there a subgenre called ancient military romance? There should be and this book would be my top pick for it, and I don’t even like romance novels! The author tossed in several small bits like local foods of the time and a few ancient words here and there. It was awesome and a very satisfying read.

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    • Shauna Roberts is a wonderful writer. Her expertise in ancient Mesopotamia really pays off in the amount of detail she is able to put into her books that allows the reader to really feel like they are there.

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