Review of “Yesterday – A Novel of Reincarnation” by Samyann and Narrated by Darelene Allen

Yesterday - A Novel of Reincarnation

Overall 5 Stars
Performance 5 Stars
Story 5 Stars
“A Marvelous Tale of Reincarnation and Love!”

This was a wonderful story of love. Set in Chicago in the present day the story alternates between Chicago of the 21st century and the 19th century.

Amanda is minding her own business when a disaster strikes in Chicago and she finds herself playing the hero as she saves the life of Mark, a Chicago PD police officer who will come to play a huge role in her life.

Ever have that feeling that you have have met someone before but you can’t quite put your finger on where? That is how both Amanda and Mark feel about each other. Both are convinced they know each other from somewhere and are determined to remember where they met even though both are certain that they have never met, at least not in this lifetime.

When Amanda saves the life of Mark it happens in front of an antique store. Inside the antique store there is a grandfather clock whose ticking and chimes capture Amanda’s attention. Her godmother, Mary, convinces her she needs to go back to the store and buy the clock. Amanda finds herself totally drawn to it and swears that she has heard the chiming before. Again, she does not know why it is so familiar to her, but she cannot help but stand in front of it and listen to it tick, tock, tick, tock. Inside the clock is the name “Wellington 1873”. She knows that the clock is much older than this and determines to find out the significance of the inscription.

Mark, in an effort to help, convinces Amanda that she should try past life regression to see if it yields any answers for her. Mary, her godmother, is a psychiatrist and has helped many patients through past life regression therapy and agrees to help Amanda.

Amanda has issues with the present. She won’t allow herself to love or otherwise become attached to another person because she is convinced that every she loves dies or goes away. This is a problem with Mark because she finds herself drawn to him like no other person she has ever known. When she begins to fall in love with him she does everything she can to push him away convinced that it is the only way to make sure he does not die as well.

Mary is convinced that this PLR therapy can help Amanda overcome her issues and give her answers about the past that can help her in the future. Meanwhile Amanda remains torn between her love for Mark and her need for him in her life and saving his life by not allowing him to become to close to her. Will she succeed in pushing him away or will love truly conquer all.

This is as much a historical novel as it is a present day love story. Samyann obviously did quite a lot of research on Civil War era and post Civil War era history in order to write the passages regarding Amanda’s past life regression sessions. The final chapter of the book is a short list of some of the historical research that went into the book.

The characters in the book are all believable and lovable in their own ways. I had no trouble in bringing myself to care about them. They are all flawed in some way and yet they are so perfect. My favorite character has to be Mark. I could relate to him in many ways, and in many ways I wanted to BE him putting myself into the story in his place.

The narrator, Darlene Allen, did quite a wonderful job with the story. I never felt like I was just being read to out of a book. She does quite a good job with her voice intonations and the voices of individual characters in the book.

This is quite a charming love story. Even though there are many love scenes between Amanda and Mark they are never explicit, and I absolutely ADORE that. This book is proof that love stories can be enchanting without being dirty. BRAVO!!! Samyann…I want more like this.


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