Review of “Death Still” by John C. Dalglish and Narrated by James Killavey

Death Still Cover Art

Death Still Cover Art

Death Still Cover Art

“Good Story for a Suspense Novel, but not the best.”

Overall 3 Stars
 Performance 3 Stars
 Story 3 Stars

I think I probably would have enjoyed this one more if it didn’t sound like an old time radio play from the 30’s and 40’s. The only thing missing was the back ground static from the radio noise.

Set in San Antonio, TX, Death Still is a police prodedural drama that takes place over the course of a few days. A madman is on the loose killing women by first making them remove their shoes then tying them to a chair before slitting both wrists with a razor blade which he leaves behind when leaving the scene of the murder.

Marcus is a deranged killer who finds his victims by cruising the Want Ads for people whose homes are for sale by owner. He takes pictures of the property before taking pictures of his victims at the moment of death.

Like most police procedurals Marcus is revealed as the killer pretty early on and the rest of the book is Detective Jason Strong and his partner Detective Vannessa Lane trying to figure out the true identity of the killer and catch him before he can kill again. To be honest there wasn’t that much that was new in this story. Detectives Strong and Lane don’t employ any new techniques or use any extraordinary measures to catch the killer. It’s all just plain old grunt work. I don’t know what I expected. The book is less than three hours long so I am not sure how much new technique could have been used, but it might have been nice to put one of the MC’s in danger or at least in a tough situation to get out of at least once. Reading about plain old pounding the pavement to get leads to catch the killer is just not that interesting to me.

I have all eleven books in this series including the newest one that just recently released on my Kindle TBR list. I am hoping they get better with more detail and action and sleuthing and stumbling blocks in the other ten books.

The narrator was not horrible, but as I stated before I got the feeling I was listening to a radio program except it was just one person reading a book instead of a full cast dramatization like you might have heard on the radio way back when. I can’t say that I was terribly impressed with his voice characterizations.His female characters didn’t really sound female at all and the voice of Marcus was cartoonish except for when he was getting ready to kill someone. Then James Killavey tried his best to make him sound menacing, which made perfect sense but then it sounded like two different people entirely; Marcus and then the menacing killer.

I will probably buy more audio books by John C. Dalglish, but only if they are narrated by someone else. I don’t see me buying any more books narrated by Mr. Killavey.

I received this book from the author through the Audio Books group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. nrlymrtl says:

    This book is on my To-Be-Reviewed list as well. Thanks for the heads up on what I will be going into.

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