Review of “Teddy Bears in Monsterland” by Justin Sloan and Narrated by Michael Gilliland


“Teddy Bears Save Children of the World”

Overall 4 Stars
 Performance 4 Stars
 Story 4 Stars

This was an enchanting story about a teddy bear whose boy and his little sister are kidnapped by monsters from the Shadowlands because they want someone to play with. Unfortunately for the children the monsters kidnap the monsters don’t really know how to play with them. They do things like placing children on one end of a seesaw then jumping onto the other end thus launching the children into the air.

Ari is Rick’s teddy bear. One night while on watch Ari ends up fighting off some monsters who have invaded our world while other monsters are engaged in kidnapping Rick and his sister. Ari must go to the elders to ask for their advice and for help in bringing the children back to their own world. Problem is, there are only two teddy bears on the council and one of them, the head teddy bear, is not to be disturbed for any reason and the other, Aldus refuses to listen to Ari and instead banishes him to the desert with the other misfit bears.

What is a teddy to do. Thus begins the adventure of Teddy Bears in Monsterland. I enjoyed this short book so much that I hardly realized that three house had passed since I started listening to it. The book is well written and the narrator reminds of the librarians who used to read to the children every Saturday morning when my daughter was a little girl.

If you have children you should really buy this audio book and listen to it with them. It is a wonderful story for the young and the young at heart.]

I received this audio book from the author in the Goodreads Audiobooks Group in exchange for an honest review.


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Not much to tell. I am married and have a daughter and a grandson. I am an aspiring writer. I am a devout Pentecostal. I love football, NHRA professional drag racing, baseball and sometimes hockey. I sing and play guitar and write songs.
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One Response to Review of “Teddy Bears in Monsterland” by Justin Sloan and Narrated by Michael Gilliland

  1. nrlymrtl says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this book too. Book 2 is shorter and is currently free on the author’s YouTube station. It will be interesting to see where the author takes this tale next!


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