Review of “Protect Her Part 1” by Ivy Sinclair and Narrated by Angel Clark and Robert Neil DeVoe

Overall 4 Stars

Performance 4 Starsbook-520626_1280

Story 4 Stars

“I don’t want to wait for part 2 to come out!” 

This story is not bad, but as I said in my headline I don’t want to wait for part two to come out. I was really getting into this story when it ended right in the middle of the coffee shop, literally.

This is what I would call a paranormal thriller. Our hero, Riley Stone, is a necromancer. That means he can conjure demons and dead people. Where the demons are concerned he can hurt them real bad, even kill them, but they can’t touch him in a non-corporeal form. They first have to take the body of a living being before becoming dangerous to Riley.

For some reason demons are running rampant on this island that they are forbidden to trespass on, and Riley wants to know why, and he wants to know yesterday. He comes upon a girl who calls herself Paige who is being attacked by a demon who is trying to capture her. Riley kills the demon and helps heal the wound in shoulder left by the beast. It is then he finds out that “Paige” actually has no idea who she is, where she’s from or anything else about her life prior to the last three years. She was found floating in the ocean near the island and when she finally came to in the hospital found that she suffered from complete amnesia.

Just Riley’s luck. Now he has to figure out she really is and why the demons are after her since the demons rarely attack a human without a reason. Thus begins the adventure and the relationship between Riley and Page. What happens next? Well you’re going to have to listen to find out, but be prepared to buy Part 2 of our story whenever it comes out. Part 1 ends on a major cliff hanger.

The story is well written so far. Our narrators Angel Clark and Robert Neil DeVoe do an adequate job of bringing their characters to life, although I have to say that between the two of them Angel is my favorite. Just saying!

My advice would be that unless you just like major cliff hangers and waiting around for the sequels to be published I would wait until Part 2 is released before buying Part 1. You never know how long it will be between audio books.

I received this audio book from the author Ivy Sinclair in exchange for an honest and fair review!


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