Review of “Where the Hell is Tesla?” by Rob Dircks and Narrated by Rob Dircks

“Funny but much foul language!”

Overall 4 Stars
Performance 5 Stars
Story 4 Stars

This book really did make me laugh several times, but I had to take off a full star because of the foul mouth on Chip, the main character.

When Chip, a security guard at an old FBI warehouse finds a lost journal written by the famed inventor Nikola Tesla, he decides to take his best friend, Pete, to try and find the ITA, a device Tesla invented which enables a person to travel to other dimensions in the multiverse.

They find it in a closet in the room of the New York hotel where Tesla died in 1943. When Chip and Pete go through the portal they find themselves in a long hallway with doors spaced every six feet. They decide to explore this hallway only to realize too late that all of the doors look exactly alike and they have no idea which one is the one that leads back to their own universe. Hence begins the search for the way back home and much hilarity ensues.

Honestly, except for the fact that Chip can not speak an entire sentence without cursing, this is a 5 star book! If the profanity doesn’t bother you then this book will probably be even funnier to you.

The author, Rob Dircks, does a fantastic job with the narration! Although their voices are different, I kept comparing him to Wil Wheaton. I love Wil Wheaton so to me this is one of the highest compliments I can give him! Good job Rob Dircks! Good job!


About Jeffrey Owens

Not much to tell. I am married and have a daughter and a grandson. I am an aspiring writer. I am a devout Pentecostal. I love football, NHRA professional drag racing, baseball and sometimes hockey. I sing and play guitar and write songs.
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