A Review of Let It Snow (Minnesota Christmas Book 1)

Reading a lot of different books right now! I think at last count I was working my way through 6 of them, some better than others.

But one book I want to talk about right now is a M/M Romance novel called “Let It Snow (Minnesota Christmas)“. It’s not such a bad book, but it seems to be less about romance and more about sex. This is the first M/M Romance book I have ever read so I hope it is not indicative of the genre. I enjoy a good romance novel, but to me sex should be a supporting character in a romance novel and not the main attraction.

This book could be a sexy retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears since the main characters are Frankie, a swishy blond gay man from Minneapolis, and Marcus, a good looking manly man of a bear who also happens to live in a cabin in rural Minnesota with two other bears (Arthur and Paul). Arthur and Paul are into BDSM and make a point of having kinky sex every night before bed.

Marcus, on the other hand, is only a few months out of his first long-term relationship gone bad with a former lover named Steve. Heartbroken and tired of his job as a lawyer in Minneapolis, Marcus quits his law practice and moves to small rural town in northern Minnesota where he becomes a lumberjack. Between his past love affair gone bad and taking care of his mother who has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home in the small town, Marcus has no interest in dating or lovers or sex or none of them things that stereotypical gay men are interested in.

Then one cold winter night comes Frankie who is driving through the town during a blizzard on his way back home from his parents home in Duluth. Frankie gets lost and stops at a diner in town to get directions when who should come in but the three bears who reminds Frankie of every bully he’s ever known. Fortunately, they don’t seem to be too interested in him and all Frankie is interested in is getting back home before the storm becomes REALLY bad. Frankie gets directions and leaves the diner to head on down the road when a moose appears in the middle of the road causing Frankie to swerve to miss it. Frankie’s car ends up in a deep ditch full of snow and refuses to budge, so Frankie takes a blanket and a few supplies and heads out looking for shelter until the storm blows over and he can get someone to come pull him out of the ditch so he can get back on the road. After walking quite a ways Frankie comes across a cabin that is unlocked and unoccupied. He lets himself in to get out of the weather and wait for the owners to arrive and ends up falling asleep on the couch.

That is where he is when the occupants of the cabin arrive home, and who should it be but the three bears from the diner. Marcus wakes Frankie from his sleep and Frankie proceeds to tell the three of them about how he came to be in their living room. They graciously take Frankie in until the storm passes and he can get back on the road, but there is a problem. While the other two seem friendly enough, Marcus seems to have a personal problem with Frankie. Turns out Frankie reminds Marcus of his ex and has trouble getting past that. To say that Marcus is grumpy with Frankie from the beginning would be an understatement. However, before you get halfway through the story Frankie confronts Marcus about his attitude and they work things out and become fast friends.

I don’t want to say anymore because I don’t want to give any spoilers away. Just because this is not my favorite book doesn’t mean it’s not right up someone else’s alley. I would give it about a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I just hope the other books I bought on my Amazon Kindle are better stories with more story and less sex.

About J Barron Owens

Not much to tell. I am married and have a daughter and a grandson. I am a devout Reformed Baptist. I love football, NHRA professional drag racing, baseball and sometimes hockey. I sing and play guitar and have written a few songs.
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