So What’s New Right Now?

The previous blog post is actually a reposting of a blog entry I posted to Facebook several months ago when my original blog quit working. For some reason I could not log into to post anything new after having posted only two posts. Wow! That’s a lot of the use of the word “post”!

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure it was my first post here on so that others could see it and not just my Facebook friends.

Since the original post on Facebook I have been doing some updating of my writing, but got so far behind that I couldn’t not catch up. I was trying to write 1665 words per day in the NaNoWriMo challenge. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writers Month, and the challenge was to write at least 1665 words per day for the entire month of November so that at the end of the month you would have written a novel of 50,000 words. I didn’t get anywhere close to that. In fact, I have only managed to write something like a little over 1,000 words. I just could not make myself write. Oh well! I guess I can start over next month and see what I can do. I won’t win the prize for finishing my 50,000 word novel (it was a trade paperback size copy of the novel and an e-publishable version that could be uploaded and sold on but at least if I finish I will have the self-satisfaction that comes from achieving ones goal.

In the meantime, I have been reading a couple of books on my Kindle, “Looking for LaLa” which is supposed to be a humorous murder mystery, and “Wired” by Douglas Richards, which is a technothriller. I have read equal numbers of chapters in both books, and I can say without a doubt that first book hasn’t made me giggle even once, and the second book is FANTASTIC!!! Looking for LaLa is the first book in an anthology called What’s So Funny About Murder. Seven chapters into the book, and, so far, no murder. The sum total of the action thus far is that the protagonist’s husband has received two post cards from someone named LaLa professing her undying love and devotion. The husband swears he has no idea who LaLa could be so his wife takes it upon herself to try to find out. She hosts a barbecue at her home and invites all of her husbands friends to try to interrogate them, without them knowing it, to try to find out who the culprit sending the post cards could be. Thus far she has had no luck.  Frankly I got bored reading it, no murder to investigate and not funny, so I switched to reading a thriller called Wired by Douglas E. Richards.

Wired is a much better book. Much more to my liking and interests. So far what I have read of it, the hero, David Desh has been kidnapped by the woman he is chasing, Keira Miller; had an interview with her in which she has started trying to convince David that she is innocent of the crimes she is being accused of; has been released after two men bearing tranquilizer guns burst into the motel room where the interview is taking place only to be taken out by Keira who escapes out the back of the hotel through an adjoining room. I can’t really tell you what she has been accused of or what she and David discuss because then you wouldn’t have any reason to read the book. Douglas Richards keeps you turning the pages in Wired. I don’t even want to put it down to go to sleep at night, but I have to because tomorrow there are things that must be done.  On the hand, Looking for LaLa is an excellent book to read if you can’t go to sleep. It’s boring and will help put you to sleep even if you’re not tired.

Anyway! I will be finished reading Wired in another day or so. Can’t tell you when or if I’ll ever finish Looking for LaLa.


About Jeffrey Owens

Not much to tell. I am married and have a daughter and a grandson. I am an aspiring writer. I am a devout Pentecostal. I love football, NHRA professional drag racing, baseball and sometimes hockey. I sing and play guitar and write songs.
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